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Co-Lab(orate) at TEDx Glasgow 2018

14th June 2018


On 31 May 2018 and 1 June 2018, the Cancer Innovation Challenge joined NHS National Services Scotland (NSS), NHS Scotland, IHDP, SHIL and a whole host of other organisations in presenting Co-Lab(orate) at TEDx Youth Glasgow 2018 and TEDx Glasgow 2018. Co-Lab(orate) was a pop up interactive journey through innovations in health and well-being in Scotland.

You can still check out the Co-Lab(orate) app to find out more about all the organisations involved.  

The two days saw more than 1000 people interacting with the journey and finding more about all of the exciting innovations in the health and wellbeing space in Scotland, ranging from amazing 3D printed organs for surgeons to practice on from OrganKind, to the PillCam and to various innovations in collaboration with DHI Scotland including Moletest, an app which can detect benign or suspect skin lesions.

The Cancer Innovation Challenge was represented by its two Phase 2 funded projects from the New approaches to record and integrate cancer PROMS and PREMS funding competition, My Clinical Outcomes and OWise from Px HealthCare. It was a great opportunity for the two projects to talk to a wide ranging audience about their work and the feedback was hugely positive. 

Find out more from in a blog from Tammy Watchorn, Head of Innovation and Design at NSS, who was behind the whole Co-Lab(orate) idea. 

Or check it out for yourselves in this video...

A big thank you to Andy Gasiorowski for the photos!

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