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CIC at Digital Health Product Forge

31st March 2019


The Cancer Innovation Challenge were event partners (along with ISD at NHS National Services Scotland and the Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme) for Europe’s largest health hackathon, the Digital Health Product Forge, on 21-24 February 2019.

In addition to being an event partner, the Cancer Innovation Challenge were also the sponsor for the Data-Driven Cancer Care track

Over 160 participants from a myriad of backgrounds (developers, data scientists, clinicians, designers, entrepreneurs etc), and from all over Europe, came together over the 4 days in Edinburgh to develop digital health solutions to improve the future of healthcare for all. Forming 31 teams over 7 tracks, 31 ideas and products were presented on the Sunday evening. Over 60 mentors were involved in the event and guests included Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Dr Catherine Calderwood, and Minister  for Trade, Investment and Innovative, Ivan McKee.

The Cancer Innovation Challenge sponsored track, Data Driven Cancer Care, was one of the biggest tracks at the event with 7 teams choosing to innovate under that theme. The winning team of the track was Team Front End who created a non-web based symptom tracker called TreatMe Net to help detect lung cancer relapse in communities which have limited access to the internet and web based tools. 

Timestamped links to the presentations from all seven teams can be accessed below. 







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