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New Approaches to Record and Integrate Cancer PROMs and PREMs Phase 1 Projects

Five projects were awarded funding of up to £25k each to undertake a 3 month feasibility study from 1 September 2017. At the end of Phase 1, these projects will be invited to apply for Phase 2 funding where 1 or 2 projects will be awarded funding of up to £100k each to develop, evaluate a prototype of their project over a 6 month period from February 2018. 

Docobo Ltd

Remote Patient Measures

Docobo’s remote monitoring platform, DOC@HOME®, provides the means for the collection and analysis of essential patient related data (vital signs, biomarkers and symptoms) and patient outcome measures (PROMs/PREMs), anywhere, anytime. Enabling remote management of patients at home, it also allows access to tailored self-help educational content. 

The solution comprises the DOC@HOME® clinical server and web based Clinician Portal, and a range of patient interaction options (CAREPORTAL®, docoboAPP® and docoboWEB®) used by the patient for interaction with their clinician (i.e. to enter daily data, or to complete their PROM/PREM questionnaires).

Currently, the DocoboWEB® option is used in NHS Lanarkshire with post chemo treatment patients to complete the “SPARC” PROM once a month as part of their post treatment follow-up support. DocoboWEB has a scheduling engine whereby automated emails/texts are sent to patients at predefined periods, requesting the online completion of the SPARC PROM. 

Docobo's Cancer Challenge project will look to develop and enhance, though user and clinician engagement, the PROM solution currently live in Lanarkshire. The outcome will be multiple PROM/PREM survey capability across all cancer types and stages, and interoperability with appropriate Scottish NHS IT systems to meet the requirements and vision of the NHS Scotland eHealth Strategy.



My Clinical Outcomes Ltd

My Clinical Outcomes

My Clinical Outcomes (MCO) is a web-based platform for collecting and using Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in clinical care.

MCO is embedded around existing clinical pathways and allows patients to regularly submit outcomes data tailored to them throughout treatment and follow-up. Results are available in real-time to help monitor clinical progress and clinicians can use the data to make more informed decisions, including prioritising face-to-face reviews for those most in need. Hospitals can use the aggregate data and analytics to understand variation in outcomes across all patients to help improve overall quality and reduce ineffective activity.

MCO has been in use in various clinical specialties in the NHS and private sector since 2011. The Cancer Innovation Challenge project provides the opportunity to work with NHS Scotland to design enhancements tailored to the specific needs of cancer patients in Scotland. This will include a mobile application that draws on existing functionality but that has dashboards and content tailored to feedback from local patient groups. An important part of the project is also to ensure that the resultant solution is interoperable with NHS Scotland IT infrastructure and patient portals in future.

We are at tipping point where internet availability and patient expectations are for the first time making it possible to use digital tools to help deliver better patient outcomes. MCO is very excited to have the opportunity to play a part in helping make this important step forward for cancer patients in Scotland.



Px HealthCare Ltd

OWise for Scotland: Employing the mobile app platform demonstrated to improve patient experience and oncology outcomes in a NHS Scotland ecosystem

To improve the clinical outcome of treatments, to reduce the development of side-effects, to increase patients’ quality of life and to make cancer care more affordable, we need to accurately understand how cancer patients experience treatments. Px HealthCare (also called Px, which stands for Patient Experience) has developed OWise, an independently validated, mobile platform supporting cancer patients during treatment. OWise is a real game-changer as:

its award-winning app was shown to improve both patient experience and the patient-doctor interaction,
while the fully anonymised Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) data are collected and investigated using advanced data-analytics to improve oncology outcomes.

The present proposal is to design, build and implement a prototype of an app based on the OWise platform enabling Scottish cancer patients to share real-time PRO data with healthcare providers and the clinical information system of their NHS hospital. This innovative project is aimed at bridging the gap between cancer patients’ experience, their PRO data and their healthcare providers. This may have an immediate impact on how patients perceive their treatment, how side effects and symptoms are managed and on personal outcomes. This novel extension of the OWise platform provides an excellent fit with Scotland’s Cancer Strategy, where person-centred care plays a key role in providing patients with optimal treatment. On a larger scale the insights into real-world PRO data may contribute to better spending of the NHS budget and facilitate policy making



Sitekit Health Ltd

Digital platform for TYA cancer service in Scotland

Each person’s needs are individual and require person-centred, developmentally-appropriate, needs-led interventions and support.

Teenage Cancer Trust, Macmillan and Sitekit have created a technology platform for teenagers and young adults that offers digital holistic needs assessments (PREMs) and supported self-management for patients, self-reported patient data for clinicians, and aggregated, anonymised patient data reports for NHS management and voluntary organisations partners.

Endorsed and supported by MSN for Children and Young People with Cancer in Scotland, the project team is now looking to take the technology to the next level. Building on the existing digital service, we aim to introduce, expand and evaluate the platform for the Scottish TYA (teenage and young adult) cancer service – with a particular focus on increasing patient-reported data and analysing this data to improve treatment, care, and personal outcomes for all young people with cancer worldwide.



Strategic Integration Ltd trading as Openbrolly


Our solution, PROEMS (Patient Reported Outcomes and Experiences Measurement System), is a radical new approach to the collection and use of information from patients. It moves from rigid, single use forms to a flexible, device-agnostic solution which will work on current or future devices. It allows for the trend towards the use of smart devices, voice recognition and passive monitoring (such as fitness trackers) and the submission of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) from these devices to the NHS.

PROEMS is designed to be open – enabling the use of a range of apps, websites, forms and systems to collect data - offering a better, more relevant experience for patients and access to a world of patient generated information for their supporting care team.

PROEMS is being co-designed and developed using “quadruple helix” innovation – an increasingly popular method of citizens, academia, public sector organisations and commercial partners working together to encourage more knowledge and more democratic access to services.

Our experience working with the NHS and other care organisations enables us to design a solution that works with other systems within the organisation, and which can share best practice across organisations.


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