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Call for Reviewers

We would like to invite persons with appropriate technical, clinical or academic backgrounds and an interest in open innovation to apply to be funding application reviewers for the Cancer Innovation Challenge. 

We are looking to build a large group of reviewers so that each application receives four assessments. Each reviewer will assess no more than 4 funding applications. Detailed assessment criteria and guidelines will be available . 

We are ideally looking for reviewers based in Scotland but interested parties outside of Scotland but still within the UK are welcome.

All we need from you is your name and contact details and a copy of your CV and which particular funding call you are interested in helping with. We will also need you to declare whether you have any potential conflicts of interests e.g. you work for a company that will be making an application, or you plan to make an application yourself, or you know anyone who plans to make an application.

If you are accepted, you will become part of a pool of reviewers including experts in the field. 

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