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A chance for anyone interested in this funding competion to ask questions about the call and the subject area. All answers will be posted on this page so that any potential applicant can access the same information.

Further information regarding the context for the challenge can be found in the video recording of the Information Session on 19 April 2017 - we do recommend that you watch the video before completing your application.

Answers to general questions about the SBRI Framework can be found on the SBRI Framework page

1. When will the funding competition open

The funding competition is now open 


2. When will the funding competition close?

The deadline for applications will be midnight, Monday 29 May 2017

3. How will the successful applications be chosen?

Proposals will be assessed by an expert group of selected assessors and final selection will be made by the Strategic Management Board. Information on the assessment criteria will be available on the Invitation to Tender (available to potential applicants after registration when the competition opens)

4. Can I submit more than one application?

Yes, you can submit more than one application.

5. Is this only open to Scottish companies?

No, the funding competition is open to any organisation of any size based in the European Union (EU) that can demonstrate a credible and practical route to market.

6. Will I be able to access patient input?

Yes, we are putting together patient panels that the funded feasibility projects can access. We will also be able to facilitate the distribution of surveys for patients through various patient engagement channels. 

7. Can you give an example of a PROM?

A minimum PROM would be something like the EQ-5D . But your proposed system should be flexible enough to adapt to whatever needs to be asked.

8. Can you give an example of a PREM?

A minimum PREM would be a single question like this


But your proposed system should be flexible enough to adapt to whatever needs to be asked.

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