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Become a reviewer

We are looking to build a large group of reviewers so that each funding application receives four assessments. Each reviewer will assess no more than 4 funding applications. Detailed assessment criteria and guidelines will be available and the entire process is online. If you are accepted, you will become part of a pool of reviewers including experts in the field. 

We plan to have each application assessed by 4 assessors covering the following perspectives:

  • Clinical

  • Technical

  • Academic/business development

  • Patient/carer

We are ideally looking for reviewers based in Scotland but interested parties outside of Scotland but still within the UK are welcome.



We would like to invite persons with appropriate technical, clinical or academic backgrounds and an interest in open innovation to apply to be funding application reviewers for the Cancer Innovation Challenge. 

All we need from you is your name and contact details and a copy of your CV and which particular funding call you are interested in helping with. 

Clinical/Technical/Academic/Business Development Reviewers     Apply Now


We would like to invite patients/carers to join our reviewer panel to offer a patient perspective on the reviewing of all funding applications. Skills and experience required include:

  • First-hand experience of cancer either as a patient or as a primary carer

  • First-hand experience of NHS Scotland services

  • Independence from practising cancer professionals and organisations

  • As the review process is online, any reviewer will require easy access to a computer with broadband internet access and a degree of IT know-how in order to navigate the process

  • Be contactable by email

To apply, please complete the short online form and let us know how your experience is relevant and why you want to get involved in the Cancer Innovation Challenge.

Patient/Carer Reviewers       APPLY NOW

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